January 2015 News Archive

Low-cost carriers market to business travellers

EasyJet courts business travellers
Friday 30th January 2015

EasyJet does not normally expect to make a profit in the first half of the year, because it is predominantly used by leisure travellers taking short-haul flights during the summer months. However, the carrier's decision to advertise to business travellers has paid off and it seems to be reversing the trend. 

In 2013,  the airline made a loss of £53 million in the...

Mobile travel bookings still not big in the UK

Business travel is set to rise this year
Friday 30th January 2015

There has been much discussion about the rise of mobile bookings for business travellers, and while the phenomenon may have taken off in some markets, it still remains relatively small in the UK. 

Buying Business Travel quoted Paul Saggar, IT director for the Maybourne Hotel Group, who said: "There is a lot of media coverage about the topic, but data and statistics usually...

Business travellers to earn more Avios airmiles under proposed changes

British Airways makes changes to Avios airmiles
Thursday 29th January 2015

Changes to British Airways Avios airmiles scheme will no doubt be welcomed by business and first-class passengers, but the same cannot be said for those flying economy. 

The company has announced that it is altering the way it awards points, so those buying more expensive seats will receive a greater amount of points. 

Under the changes, customers holding the cheapest...

Private jets mean business travellers avoid queues

Private planes may become more popular among business travellers
Thursday 29th January 2015

While the vast majority of business travellers use planes, trains and automobiles to get them to and from their destination, a small but significant minority are now choosing to travel by private jet. 

The benefits are obvious; there are no long queues to contend with, as passengers can skip check-in and security, plus there's much more flexibility - arriving five minutes...

Dubai has more passengers than Heathrow

Dubai tops list of world's busiest airports
Thursday 29th January 2015

The top airport in terms of international passenger numbers is Dubai International, and it has taken the place of Heathrow, according to figures released by the Airports Council International. 

Some 70.4 million travellers went through the hub in 2014, compared to Heathrow's figure of 68.1 million. 

Dubai International experienced a 6.1 per cent rise compared...

Hotels go hi-tech

Hotel chain launches keyless entry system
Thursday 29th January 2015

Business travel can be stressful and employees are sometimes reluctant to board a plane for the sake of a meeting, and it's in these circumstances that the little things make a difference. 

Hotels understand that by the time people check in, they have endured a long journey, and in the case of business travellers, possibly a sales pitch or draining...

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