January 2016 News Archive

A bit about ProTAS Extensions

Credit card transactions bring their own security risks
Friday 29th January 2016

We've spoken previously about how ProTAS mid- and back-office functions can be a great help to a travel management company (TMC), but you needn't think that you're limited for options with this software.

As we covered in an earlier article, ProTAS Finance can give you further help with complex financial calculations and issues, but ProTAS Extensions...

A look at ProTAS Content Loader

Thursday 21st January 2016

A highly functioning content loader is an essential part of an operating system for any digital business, but it is of paramount importance to a travel management company (TMC).

Why is this so? It's because the content loader is responsible for the loading of programs and libraries, which is basically all of the vital information you need to log about your clients. Having an...

Personalising the customer journey

Plane for travel
Tuesday 19th January 2016

The service which travel management companies (TMCs) provide their customers forms part of that company's front-office functions.

Realistically, most, if not all TMCs are digital, which means that the majority of their work and office functions are likely to be online, or provided by online software.

To use an example, a TMC will probably have a form of digital marketing...

The difference between ProTAS mid-office and ProTAS Finance

ProTAS Finance
Monday 18th January 2016

ProTAS is a service that is helpful to all travel management companies (TMCs), however there are several functions it can serve you with, depending on your needs.

Most TMCs will enjoy the use of its mid-office and back-office functions as this area of ProTAS takes much of the stress and complications out of managing their internal workflow. You are sure to enjoy using it too, as it is...

Staying on top of online payments with ProTAS

Online payments can come with legal and technical risks
Thursday 14th January 2016

Travel Management Systems (TMS) such as ProTAS afford various obvious front-office solutions to Travel Management Companies (TMCs), such as loading content and automated data capture. However, it's important to remember that the application can also save money for your business.

For example, the ProTAS mid-office function will automate your order processing and handle all of your...

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