February 2014 News Archive

TMCs add value with emergency support

Transport disruption is one of many setbacks that can happen on a business trip
Friday 28th February 2014

As the global economy staggers back towards growth, businesses are sending more travellers further afield in a bid to cement relations with new customers and suppliers to bring about expansion. Not every road warrior is used to making long, frequent trips to distant locations and for many, these developments are likely to prove cause for concern, at least in the early stages. But the vast...

Travel management companies can help boost compliance

Cathay boss expects business travel boost
Tuesday 25th February 2014

The travel industry is often caught between tides in a changeable sea. On the one hand, travellers and clients are making more complex demands to get maximum value out of their travel programmes. On the other, unless they stay ahead of the curve travel agencies risk being swept away amid technological change. And the two often coincide - business travellers want the flexibility new...

The rise of Travel Management 2.0

Travel buyers prefer to used managed systems
Friday 21st February 2014

Technology is continually evolving and in the travel industry, companies are used to being caught in a constant state of flux as they adapt to new norms and seek to meet the growing demands of clients. But in recent years, the development of mobile devices has contributed to a growing trend towards personalised and flexible working, which has in turn shed affected the way people choose to book...

Is premium travel really taking off again?

Is premium travel really on the rise again?
Wednesday 19th February 2014

For many businesses, corporate travel has been a pain point over the past few years. The financial crisis has taken its toll and in the midst of tough global business conditions, companies have become more inclined to seek out alternatives to lengthy and potentially costly journeys. What’s more, the ripple effect has been felt throughout the travel industry: cost-cutting measures have...

Travel managers still struggling with NDC

Airline tickets are the most common target of holiday booking fraud
Monday 17th February 2014

The travel management industry is used to dealing with rapidly changing technology. Barely a year goes by without the appearance of another device, system or function, many of which have to be accommodated by substantial changes or additions to existing travel agency software. But one of the most controversial developments in recent...

Technology helps travel management companies stay competitive

Corporate clients are looking for efficient travel management companies
Tuesday 11th February 2014

The business travel landscape is growing in complexity, and travel management companies often find themselves struggling to keep up with the growing demands of a broader client base. But businesses are exploring promising new avenues that can help them cope with growing administrative burdens and offer their clients more value. As the latest white paper from ProCon Solution illustrates,...

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