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TMC priorities when investing in new technology

Travel management systems
Tuesday 29th April 2014

Making the decision to invest in new travel technology is not an easy one for a travel management company (TMC) to make. There are several reasons why sticking with existing systems and simply updating or adding to them is an easier option.

Firstly, new technology doesn't come cheap. It can be a major...

Business travel in South Africa

Business travel in South Africa
Tuesday 29th April 2014

While evidence of South Africa's apartheid legacy can still be seen - with the gap between the richest and the poorest still very much apparent - the country is without doubt one of the wealthiest on the African continent.

It is one of the BRICS nations - a group of countries seen to be at a newly advanced stage of economic development and predicted by some to become global...

Saving money the top priority for travel buyers

Saving money the top priority for travel buyers
Tuesday 29th April 2014

Keeping a lid on costs is always going to be important to corporate travel managers regardless of the state of the economy and the size of the travel budgets they are working with.

But this year it seems to be a particularly big consideration, with 53 per cent of business travel buyers surveyed by the ATPI Group naming cost reduction as their biggest priority in 2014.


China set to become world's biggest business travel market

China is predicted to overtake the US as the world's biggest business travel market
Tuesday 22nd April 2014

In the last ten years or so China has become a force to be reckoned with. It has gone from an emerging economy to a world superpower, second only to the United States in terms of GDP.

But while overtaking the US to become the world's biggest economy would be quite a task, there is one area where China does look set to overtake its Western rival in the near future.


TMCs exerting more control over hotel policies

Travel managers are exerting more control over the hotel policies of their clients
Monday 14th April 2014

While overseeing the physical transportation of business employees from one place to another is perhaps the main priority for travel managers, there are many other aspects of corporate travel that they have control over, from car hire to hotel accommodation.

According to a new survey by the Global Business Travel Association, the latter is representing an increasingly important part of...

VSMT meets changing client demands with ProTAS

The marine travel service specialist has been using ProTAS for more than a year
Thursday 10th April 2014

"What we recognised with ProCon was that we immediately had a system that met our clients' requirements but was also adaptable to develop new solutions."

- John Harding, managing director, V.Ships Marine Travel Services (VSMT)

The challenge

V.Ships Marine Travel Services, Monaco, is one of the fastest growing independent...

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