June 2016 News Archive

The weight of indirect costs

Indirect costs to TMCs
Tuesday 21st June 2016

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are very aware of the direct costs of doing business, however, according to eNett International, there is less focus on indirect costs and that could have extensive consequences. 

Research has shown that as many as two in five travel agencies are still using staff for tasks like processing, fraud handling or cash backs.

The research...

TMCs struggle to keep up with the introduction of smartphone apps

TMCs struggle to keep up with the introduction of smartphone apps
Friday 17th June 2016

​Business travellers often use go-to apps that make their lives easier when they're travelling. Some of these include their most frequently used airlines, guides to different towns and cities and their itinerary organisers.

As a result, mobile engagement is a big opportunity for Travel Management Companies (TMCs). According to the SKIFT newsletter, when a TMC develops...

FCM International's global traveller insights

FCM International's global traveller insights
Tuesday 14th June 2016

FCM Travel Solutions has created and released an infographic that details recent traveller trends and statistics.

The international company unveiled its findings after sending out a global client survey. It also used data that was extracted using the business's multinational reporting tool FCM ClientBank Connect.

Felicity Burke, global director of account management at FCM,...

Travelport and eNett Virtual Account Numbers

Thursday 2nd June 2016

Travelport has recently reported a positive start to the year. Overall, the net revenue of the company is up by six per cent to US$609 million (£422 million) and the Travel Commerce Platform is up by seven per cent in total.

According to Travelport, these results are largely driven by air travel, which is in line with industry reports given by Travel Management Companies, who...

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