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Travel management companies help clients save through compliance

Expenses compliance is a serious problem for some companies
Wednesday 31st July 2013

Every travel management company knows the challenges corporate clients face when it comes to business travel policies. It’s more important than ever to make sure that operations run as efficiently as possible, which means that compliance is crucial to their success. That’s why growing numbers of firms are turning to their travel management companies for insight and advice - one of...

Industry knowledge keeps travel management companies vital

Travel management companies can provide insight and advice
Wednesday 24th July 2013

Travel management companies are keenly aware of the pitfalls of today’s travel industry. With margins slim and competition fierce, you’re working hard to find the best value for money using your in-depth, specialist knowledge. It seems that this is proving very useful when it comes to adding value for clients, too, since a new survey has found that buyers are turning to travel...

ProTAS helps FCm Ireland keep up with client demand

Businesses must be prepared for upswings in travel
Friday 19th July 2013

Travel management companies are keenly aware of the fast-changing nature of the industry. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the technology they use to provide business travel services. As more and more is expected of them, they need the right systems in place to provide complex services to challenging clients.

”The nature of the industry requires constant technology...

Travellers look for trip optimisation

Travel market
Wednesday 17th July 2013

Business travel is continually changing and travel management companies are always trying to stay one step ahead of the game. As the internet has taken over the way we do business, the pace has only accelerated and now it’s easier than ever to make your own arrangements.

So why use a travel management company? Travel buyers need to know that you offer much more than an online booking system...

Buyers prefer managed travel

Travel buyers prefer to used managed systems
Thursday 11th July 2013

Travel management companies are always aware of the need to justify themselves. In an age when booking a flight or reserving a hotel room is simpler than ever, thanks to online booking and payment systems, many corporate clients could easily take care of their own travel in-house.

What does SEPA mean for travel management companies?

SEPA could make processing payments simpler
Tuesday 9th July 2013

Travel management companies are always multi-tasking. Booking services, processing payments and arranging invoices for multiple clients at once, you’re constantly juggling a range of demands which require a wide variety of systems. But that can sometimes mean that when new technology or a new system comes in, you need to make fairly large adjustments to accommodate it. With new...

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