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Technology automation has a variety of benefits

Technology automation
Friday 22nd February 2013

Businesses of all different kinds - including travel management companies (TMCs) - can benefit in a number of ways by automating manual tasks.

Using technology to complete workloads instead of people helps companies to save time, since machines can often perform work at a faster rate than individual employees.

They can also work with a higher level of accuracy, based upon...

Travel firms add value by keeping clients up to date

Thursday 21st February 2013

Well-informed travel management agents offer significant value to businesspeople while away on corporate trips, it has been claimed.

Angela Walsh, founder of Ireland-based Corporate Travel Management, said agents can add value to the business travel process if they are armed with relevant information.

Speaking to the Irish Times, she suggested that offering round-the-clock...

Travel technology training key to successful deployments

Technology training
Wednesday 20th February 2013

Selecting the most appropriate travel management system or online payment service is just the first step towards increasing efficiencies and boosting the customer experience.

Businesses need to ensure a successful deployment and implementation of the new technology systems they have chosen.

The solutions must be fully integrated with...

Mobile devices create opportunities for travellers

Mobile booking
Tuesday 19th February 2013

Innovation in the mobile broadband industry is creating an array of new opportunities for business travellers to communicate, collaborate and be productive on the move.

Sales of smartphones, tablet computers and mobile broadband dongles have soared in recent years as businesspeople and consumers have looked to take advantage of remote connectivity.

And the ability to access the...

TMCs investing in back-office technology, says GTMC

Monday 18th February 2013

An increasing number of travel management companies (TMCs) are investing in technology to boost service levels on the front line, one industry expert has claimed.

According to Paul Wait, chief executive of the Guild of Travel Management Companies, IT solutions are being seen as increasingly important in what is a "complex business".

He said the travel industry...

Travel managers 'should be focusing on data analytics'

Data analytics
Thursday 14th February 2013

Travel managers can potentially boost their income by adopting a more data-led approach to their role, it has been suggested.

Addressing the Association of Corporate Travel Executives forum in London, Data Exchange managing director Susan Hopley claimed salaries could double within just two years.

She claimed the evolving role of a 'travel director' involves...

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