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TMCs and the SME market

Demand for business travel is on the rise again
Monday 1st September 2014

As a growing travel management company (TMC) you are probably always on the lookout for new business opportunities, and until now it may have made sense to go after large organisations with sizeable corporate travel programmes. But have you considered the opportunities presented by smaller companies?

The small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector tends not to be the focus of TMC...

Data analytics and business travel

Data analytics and business travel
Wednesday 27th August 2014

Business employees are travelling more frequently and to more destinations than ever before, and they're not just leaving behind contrails in the sky as they jet off to meetings and conferences.

They are in fact leaving a data trail everywhere they go, and as more and more information is generated from a growing array of sources, business travel buyers are realising that they can...

Mixed opinions over the benefits of NDC

Airline bookings could be revolutionised by NDC
Friday 11th July 2014

The International Air Transport Association's (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative has already caused a stir in the world of business travel, with agents raising concerns over privacy and data security as well as transparency and the scope for price comparison.

But even though IATA has worked to dispel some of these worries, it seems there is still a lot of...

Survey sheds light on traveller booking behaviour

Compliance will still be a concern for travel managers in 2020
Tuesday 24th June 2014

When it comes to making travel arrangements, businesses can choose to let travel managers take the reins, or they can allow their employees to make their own bookings. Each option has its benefits, and what is best for one organisation may not be best for another.

However, a new study by Egencia has shed some light on booking behaviour, and has identified a number of trends among those...

IATA announces new NDC pilots

IATA announces new NDC pilots
Monday 9th June 2014

The first pilot schemes to test the New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative being championed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) were launched last year, and now they are continuing with a new phase of trials among airlines and travel industry players worldwide.

Russian carrier Aeroflot, Ireland's Aer Lingus and Qatari national airline Qatar Airways will be...

Identifying the need for new travel technology

Identifying the need for new travel technology
Wednesday 21st May 2014

One of the first steps in adopting new travel technology is to identify a need within your travel management business; a problem that needs to be resolved or an issue that must be tackled in order to improve your company's performance, create a better environment for your staff and provide a better service to your...

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