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Airlines see ancillary revenue double

Airlines are increasing their ancillary revenue
Tuesday 24th September 2013

Airlines have seen the revenue they earn from ancillary sources double in the space of four years, according to data from IdeaWorksCompany.

Its latest CarTrawler Yearbook of Ancillary Revenue shows that earnings from these additional services totalling over $27.1 billion are now reported across every different type of airline in all regions around the world. This compares to a total of...

Integrated systems help to face complex demands

Hotel bookings rose in May
Wednesday 11th September 2013

Travel management companies know only too well that clients are coming forward with more and increasingly complex demands. Year after year, corporate passengers look for ways to increase the flexibility of their travel arrangements - but at the same time they need to keep costs down and maximise compliance. It is your deep industry knowledge that will make this possible, and it’s one of...

Offshore industries seek business travel cost control

Cutting costs is top priority for offshore industries
Monday 9th September 2013

Offshore businesses are searching for cost control as well as 24-hour support when they choose a travel management company, according to research by marine and energy specialist ATP Instone.

A third of travel buyers in offshore industries said that cost management was their top priority with corporate travel...

UK business travel growth ‘mirrors economy’

Business travel is growing alongside the economy
Friday 6th September 2013

Business travel in the UK is mirroring the slow return to growth of the nation’s economy, according to the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC).

In its latest Quarterly Review, GTMC says that business confidence and even the FTSE 100 reflect improvements in the number of transactions being completed by travel management companies in the UK.

Referring to the UK...

Business travel could rise as relocations fall

Shorter foreign assignments could mean more corporate travel
Tuesday 27th August 2013

A shift in approach to overseas working could lead to an increase in corporate travel.

According to a new report from PwC, businesses are taking a fresh approach to overseas assignments for their workers. The traditional model, whereby staff could spend three years or more working in another country before returning home, is now followed by just one per cent of employees.


Travel buyers need to save cost and time

Business travel for meetings is expected to grow more slowly
Tuesday 20th August 2013

The world may be emerging from a financial crisis, but growth is far from even and nowhere near certain. Companies around the globe are coping with fragile business conditions if not in their own country, then inevitably in some of their key markets. As a result, even where firms are looking for growth in the future there remains an impetus to keep costs to a minimum. Travel buyers are not...

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