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Thin margins but better profits for airlines

Airlines are facing thin profit margins
Friday 7th June 2013

Airlines are likely to draw better profits than expected in 2013, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), but margins will remain “razor thin”.

IATA has upgraded its international outlook for the airline industry to a profit of $12.7 billion (£8.2 billion) on a total revenue of $711 billion.

The figure is $2.1 billion higher than...

Airline ancillary revenue shoots up

United made $5.1 billion in ancillary revenue last year
Thursday 6th June 2013

Traditional airlines are finally beginning to catch up with low-cost carriers when it comes to generating ancillary revenue, it seems.

Research from IdeaWorksCompany and CarTrawler found that the ancillary revenue reported by airlines shot up by nearly 20 per cent throughout 2012, taking the total to $27.1 billion (£17.5 billion).

Ancillary revenues have more than doubled...

Frankfurt worst airport for delays and cancellations

Arranging payment for flights and other services needn't be a hassle
Friday 31st May 2013

Travellers are more likely to run into delays and cancellation at Frankfurt airport than at any other airport in the world, according to research by an online compensation company.

Research by found that more claims had been processed for delayed flights at Frankfurt than anywhere else, although some of the UK’s largest airports including Manchester, Gatwick and...

Airport Wi-Fi could be letting down UK businesses

Heathrow is just one of the airports that does not offer free Wi-Fi for travellers
Thursday 30th May 2013

Just four of the UK’s biggest airports offer free unlimited Wi-Fi access, new research has shown - but none of them are among the country’s busiest.

The new study from Airport Parking and Hotels shows that London City, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Birmingham offer unrestricted wireless internet services at no extra cost, but they form an isolated group within the set of 25...

Why do we still need travel management companies?

Travel management companies still have a lot to offer corporate clients
Thursday 30th May 2013

It's fair to say that the internet has revolutionised the travel industry. Passengers and visitors have unprecedented opportunities to research their different journey options and then make the best booking for them - and they have the freedom to shop around individually for flights, hotels and other services in a quest to save as much as possible. Although corporate travellers can...

US buyers fear airline mergers

Airline consolidation has some travel buyers worried
Wednesday 29th May 2013

US-based travel buyers are becoming more worried about rising costs as a result of consolidation in the airline industry, a new study shows.

Research from corporate card firm Airplus shows that merging airlines and restricted choices are a growing cause for concern among corporate travel clients. As airlines become bigger and fewer in number, it seems as though buyers are keenly aware...

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