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Travel technology driving increased adoption of in-flight wi-fi

Image credit: themacx via iStock
Friday 21st July 2017

In the last few years, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) have seen demand for digital services and tracking technologies among air passengers increase considerably, leading them to make a number of upgrades to their offerings.

According to a new report from Juniper Research, the same is also true of airlines, which are starting to roll out in-flight wi-fi services more widely across...

Tailoring an SEO approach for the travel sector

Image credit: goir via iStock
Tuesday 18th July 2017

It is becoming increasingly important for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to develop a new approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) that takes into account the specific needs of their sector, according to a new report.

Searchmetrics has published a report that highlights a number of travel industry-specific search ranking factors that travel agents, airlines, hotel chains and...

Are VR and AR technology about to hit the mainstream for travel brands?

Image credit: grandeduc via iStock
Friday 7th July 2017

In the last couple of years, there has been a significant buzz surrounding virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology and their potential applications in the travel sector, though it has remained hard to predict exactly when these tools will truly go mainstream.

A new report from EyeforTravel has indicated that this paradigm shift has still not happened yet - but also...

Benefits of wearable technology for TMCs and travellers

Benefits of wearable technology for TMCs and travellers
Friday 5th May 2017

Woven technology is the latest 'wearable' innovation when it comes to improving the lives of everyone who works and travels in the corporate travel industry.

Essentially, this is any form of tech that can be stitched into fabric, including clothing like jeans or shirts, reports

Apple is leading the way in this latest strain of wearable technology, after...

VR search and booking services set to become a reality

VR search and booking services set to become a reality
Thursday 27th April 2017

Technology in the form of apps and online booking tools are part of the everyday fabric of the corporate travel industry. This is largely because they provide a quick, safe and streamlined approach to booking trips, changing information, paying for journeys and more.

However, the business arena of travel is changing. With the ever-increasing rise in personalisation and traveller...

All travel businesses need mobile-friendly websites

All travel businesses need mobile-friendly websites
Thursday 16th March 2017

Booking flights, accommodation and other travel necessities is increasingly being done on mobile devices, particularly for corporate journeys.

In fact, research from eMarketer has shown that in 2016 alone 51.8 per cent of travellers who booked a trip digitally did so on a mobile device - which includes both smartphones and tablets.

The marketing analyst predicts that this will...

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