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The growing importance of cashless payments for business travellers

Image credit: funstock via iStock
Friday 23rd February 2018

2018 may be the year in which Travel Management Companies (TMCs) that have not yet fully embraced cashless payments to take the plunge, as customer demand is increasingly starting to make this a necessity.

A new report from Barclaycard has shed light on this trend after surveying 250 travel decision-makers, with the results revealing that 29 per cent of travel managers have seen a rise...

How can virtual payment solutions deliver direct savings for travellers?

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Friday 9th February 2018

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) that introduce virtual payment technologies could be able to deliver substantial direct savings for business travellers.

This is according to a new report from the global hotel solutions company HRS, which has analysed data from 30,000 corporate hotel bookings to assess the impact that centralised virtual payment solutions can provide within the...

The pros and cons of the most popular business travel payment solutions

Image credit: bernie_moto via iStock
Thursday 17th August 2017

Payment solutions for corporate business travel have undergone significant evolution in recent times, with newer options such as corporate cards, lodge cards and virtual cards all gaining in prominence and popularity.

Indeed, a recent report from Business Travel iQ and Barclaycard has revealed that these three solutions are now among the most frequently-used solutions by Travel...

Are TMCs taking full advantage of modern card payment options?

Image credit: mpalis via iStock
Wednesday 16th August 2017

In the last few years, the range of different payment options available to Travel Management Companies (TMCs) has increased considerably - but many businesses in this sector may not be taking full advantage of these advances.

This is according to a new report from Business Travel iQ and Barclaycard, which questioned 120 European travel buyers online in November and December 2016, and...

Are travel companies taking full advantage of different payment options?

Image credit: audioundwerbung via iStock
Friday 30th June 2017

The number of different payment options available to travel customers has expanded greatly in the last few years - but are Travel Management Companies taking full advantage of the range of strategic benefits this trend can deliver?

This was the subject of recent research conducted by Atmosphere Research on behalf of Datalex, which examined data from the airline industry and found that...

Why your TMC needs to be aware of the need for PCI DSS compliance

Image credit: tashka2000 via iStock
Wednesday 28th June 2017

One of the inevitable consequences of the proliferation of digital payment technologies is the rising complexity of regulatory requirements governing digital transactions - a trend to which Travel Management Companies are not immune.

In recent months, many of the logistical difficulties associated with a growing burden of compliance have centred on the Payment Card Industry Data...

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