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How do corporate travel spending habits differ among millennials?

Image credit: AntonioGuillem via iStock
Monday 21st August 2017

One of the main reasons why Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are always having to update their service offerings is the fact that consumer habits are always changing.

Generational shifts are a key driver of this evolution, and there have been few transitions that have had more impact in this regard than the ascendancy of the so-called millennials, a generation of consumers whose...

Global business travel market 'likely to see pronounced growth'

Global business travel sector to boom (Image: iStock/anyaberkut)
Thursday 27th July 2017

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are likely to see a significant uptick in business travel revenues over the next couple of years.

This is according to a new report from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), which has indicated that the market is on the cusp of a recovery after a slow performance in 2016. However, a number of economic factors are creating uncertainty around...

Technology 'bolstering satisfaction with air travel at every stage'

Image credit: supershabashnyi via iStock
Wednesday 28th June 2017

Technology’s growing role in air travel is a trend that Travel Management Companies have had to get used to in the last few years, with a new report from SITA suggesting this is not about to change.

The IT company has published its 2017 Passenger IT Trends Survey, revealing that passengers generally rate their journeys highly, with an overall satisfaction rate of 8.2 out of ten -...

Mobile is the mega corporate travel trend of 2017

Mobile is the mega corporate travel trend of 2017
Thursday 22nd June 2017

Although there are some who would say that the corporate travel industry isn't open to change there are trends forming and expanding this year that are going to force this traditional arena and those within it - like Travel Management Companies (TMCs) - to adapt and modernise.

But what are the main drivers going to be this year? According to Skift, they are localised between...

Is the state of the global aviation industry going to affect TMCs?

Personalisation: Good for the client and your staff
Thursday 22nd June 2017

The global travel and aviation industries have consistently been in a state of flux and have come under criticism for their lack of significant profits. However, the last few years have seen a turnaround.

An increase in global profits has largely been due to low oil prices and "significant consolidation among carriers in key markets", according to Buying Business Travel...

Social media could be changing what TMCs offer their clients

Social media could be changing what TMCs offer their clients
Thursday 22nd June 2017

Thanks to personalisation, the corporate travel industry has been able to service the needs of its clients better than ever over recent years.

However, this doesn't mean that it no longer presents a problem in this area - in fact, customer service and retaining a high-quality level of contact with clients is something that businesses, including Travel Management Companies (TMCs),...

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