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How is the "bleisure" trend influencing the business travel market?

Image credit: LeszekCzerwonka via iStock
Wednesday 22nd November 2017

One of the most important considerations for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) is keeping abreast of behavioural changes among business travellers that affect the way they make use of travel services.

In the last few years, a prominent example of this has been the so-called "bleisure" trend, which sees people combining their business trips with a leisure component, and a new...

How can TMCs adapt their services for the Chinese market?

Image credit: Roland Magnusson via iStock
Thursday 9th November 2017

China has become a strategically pivotal market for businesses across the world in the last few years, and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are no exception to this.

However, firms that wish to maximise their potential in this powerful emerging economy will need to tailor their service offering according to local trends, a new report from EyeforTravel has demonstrated.


Travel managers 'keen to see innovation in hotel sourcing'

Image credit: Rawpixel Ltd via iStock
Monday 30th October 2017

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are seeing an increased impetus to revamp and modernise their approach to hotel sourcing, according to a new report.

Research from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, underwritten by BCD...

Business travel 'seen as incentive by British workers'

Image credit: g-stockstudio via iStock
Thursday 19th October 2017

British workers are increasingly seeing the prospect of taking a business trip as one of the best aspects of their jobs, according to a new report.

Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resorts has interviewed 1,000 business travellers, finding that 54 per cent would be willing to earn less if it meant they could travel more for work, with 81 per cent saying business trips help them to advance their...

London 'most popular destination in strengthening business travel market'

Image credit: mbbirdy via iStock
Thursday 28th September 2017

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are likely to see a growing number of customers inquiring about business trips to London, according to a new report.

A Business Travel Insights Report compiled by Heathrow Express has indicated that London is the world's most popular business travel destination in an increasingly healthy market, with the finance sector accounting for the biggest...

UK businesses 'see corporate travel as increasingly important and appealing'

Global business travel sector to boom (Image: iStock/anyaberkut)
Wednesday 20th September 2017

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are seeing British companies becoming increasingly aware of the numerous benefits that business travel offers to their organisations.

This is according to a new report from American Express, which commissioned a YouGov survey showing that businesses and their staff see corporate travel as not only beneficial in commercial terms, but also appealing on...

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