Benefits of wearable technology for TMCs and travellers

Benefits of wearable technology for TMCs and travellers
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Woven technology is the latest 'wearable' innovation when it comes to improving the lives of everyone who works and travels in the corporate travel industry.

Essentially, this is any form of tech that can be stitched into fabric, including clothing like jeans or shirts, reports

Apple is leading the way in this latest strain of wearable technology, after having enjoyed success with its earlier products. Although the response to tech watches - like the one the tech giant has produced - has been mixed companies are responding by improving their offerings to consumers rather than writing them off.

Things like tablets and other mobile devices are already helping to improve customer service workflow at Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and other aspects of the corporate travel industry.

Using mobile devices allows travellers to benefit from customer service on the go and helps to aid personalisation. Upgrading these to wearables, such as woven technologies, is the next stage in promising passengers seamless and improved service.

Similarly, wearables will allow for employees and clients to receive real-time data, which will put an end to carrying lots of different forms of technology. Each person should be able to do more than one job too, as wearables can be integrated to perform a variety of tasks at any one time.

Travel managers are always trying to find better ways of communicating with their consumers and woven technology could potentially bring communication, like messaging services, "right to the traveller's sleeve while in destination".

Not only this, but consultants should be able to create entire itineraries for travellers to help them not only during the booking of their trip but also when they have arrived at their destination by giving directions and background information about the place they are visiting.

It's being said too that woven wearable technology may also be able to improve security, which is a huge concern for corporate travellers. Bags can be tagged with a wearable type device, which will track its entire journey history and that links to an app on the traveller's mobile device of choice.

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