Survey sheds light on traveller booking behaviour

Compliance will still be a concern for travel managers in 2020
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When it comes to making travel arrangements, businesses can choose to let travel managers take the reins, or they can allow their employees to make their own bookings. Each option has its benefits, and what is best for one organisation may not be best for another.

However, a new study by Egencia has shed some light on booking behaviour, and has identified a number of trends among those that use the services of a travel management company (TMC).

The report reveals that the more multinational a company is and the further it is spread geographically, the less likely it is to centralise its travel bookings with a travel arranger.

Indeed, seven out of ten European firms located in one country instruct travel managers make their bookings for them, compared to just four in ten of those operating in two or more countries.

The study also shows that self-booking is more common among high frequency travellers; those who make more than three reservations a month. In this group, three quarters book their own travel.

Where organisations do choose to decentralise their travel bookings, one of the biggest challenges for the TMCs overseeing their travel programmes is ensuring compliance with policy, and of course discouraging non-compliance.

One of the best ways to do this is to provide staff with easy-to-use booking tools that meet the needs of modern business travellers and allow them to balance cost against comfort and choice.

These tools should ideally be compatible with mobile technology and should integrate seamlessly with customer service, making self-booking quick and easy for the traveller and providing them with a full array of options, while at the same time making sure they do not stray outside of policy.

Of course, having a fully optimised mid-back office solution that can be integrated with these front office tools is essential if TMCs want to offer their clients the best value and service possible.

A system such as ProTAS from ProCon Solution can enable TMCs to consolidate data from bookings independently of the source and automate all of their administrative functions, giving them even more time to dedicate to monitoring compliance and providing excellent customer support.

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