Tailoring an SEO approach for the travel sector

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It is becoming increasingly important for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to develop a new approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) that takes into account the specific needs of their sector, according to a new report.

Searchmetrics has published a report that highlights a number of travel industry-specific search ranking factors that travel agents, airlines, hotel chains and other travel-related brands need to consider to improve their visibility in Google searches.

After analysing the top 20 search results on Google for more than 6,000 typical travel-related search terms, it was noted that the most commonly occurring elements in these results differ from the broader ranking factors that apply across all industries.

For example, browsability is becoming an increasingly important consideration, as sites that allow searchers to click through and browse related content on the same site are performing better. The Searchmetrics report showed that travel-related pages ranking in Google's top ten results usually offered around 23 per cent more internal links on average.

Additionally, top ten-ranking pages for travel-related queries on Google tended to use around 38 per cent more images that were more than 200 pixels in size per page, showing that large images and prominent visual content are a key priority, while the search engine was also shown to favour pages with longer text and more comprehensive information.

Conversely, the top-performing pages tended to include the searched-for keyword or phrase far less frequently in the text than other pages, suggesting that keyword matching is becoming an outdated technique, particularly when it comes to travel.

Daniel Furch, head of content at Searchmetrics, said many TMCs are changing their approach to SEO following updates to Google's search algorithms that generate a clearer picture of searchers' intentions by analysing keywords and phrases in a way that takes the context of individual searches into account more accurately.

He added: "For travel marketers, as for marketers in other verticals, this means they can no longer focus solely on generalised, universally applicable rules to drive the best search performance. They also have to take account of specific factors that are important in their specific vertical."

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