Travel technology driving increased adoption of in-flight wi-fi

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In the last few years, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) have seen demand for digital services and tracking technologies among air passengers increase considerably, leading them to make a number of upgrades to their offerings.

According to a new report from Juniper Research, the same is also true of airlines, which are starting to roll out in-flight wi-fi services more widely across their aircraft in order to respond to this demand.

The study indicated that the number of commercial aircraft adopting in-flight wi-fi services will reach 14,419 globally by 2022 - up from an estimated 5,243 in 2017. This will mean that more than half of the global fleet will offer connectivity services of this kind in five years' time compared with just under one-quarter this year.

This increase will primarily be driven by the impact of the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, with in-flight wireless streaming increasingly being offered as an in-flight entertainment option, as this service is cheaper to operate than it would be to install seatback entertainment systems, which are also much heavier.

Moreover, the report showed that flight tracking is becoming an important service offering for travel companies, with this trend driven as much by regulatory pressure as by consumer demand.

Increased safety is one of the main reasons why these systems and applications are becoming more widespread, but Juniper pointed out that they also carry additional benefits, such as improved punctuality - which can lead to increased revenues for providers. As such, it is anticipated that these systems will become standard equipment in future.

It was also predicted that wireless streaming will replace seatback in-flight entertainment on most short-haul flights in the coming years, further underlining the importance of travel companies offering more robust mobile-optimised services for their customers.

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