VR search and booking services set to become a reality

VR search and booking services set to become a reality
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Technology in the form of apps and online booking tools are part of the everyday fabric of the corporate travel industry. This is largely because they provide a quick, safe and streamlined approach to booking trips, changing information, paying for journeys and more.

However, the business arena of travel is changing. With the ever-increasing rise in personalisation and traveller requirements for real-time information that is easy to access, technology is advancing with the emergence of artificial intelligence and virtual reality (VR).

VR has been becoming significantly popular in the leisure travel segment and is most often used by travel agents to help sell holidays as an immersive experience. Tourism Australia has been a figurehead for setting up 360-degree VR booths to modernise the way people think about taking trips.

When it comes to the corporate travel industry, the aim is slightly different, as business trips don't always have an impetus on leisure. Instead, the intention is to assure the traveller that they are in control of their journey and can choose destinations, flights, car rentals at their own preference.

Currently, Amadeus is leading the way on this front, having unveiled the world's first VR travel and search booking experience.

While wearing the headset, business travellers are able to use their hands to spin a globe to find their destination and even "walk" through the cabin of a plane to pick their preferred seat on board.

Still in its infancy and not on the market as yet, the technology will not only allow corporate travellers to road-test their travel preferences, but it will also allow them to complete their entire booking process - including paying for the trip - while they are in the VR world.

There are several other companies in the corporate travel arena that are working on improving their clients' experiences with AI and other innovative forms of technology, but it will be interesting to see who will be next to bring VR to the attention of this market.

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