Which tech innovations will reshape the business travel experience in the future?

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The pace of technological innovation in the global travel sector continues to accelerate, with a number of emerging technologies likely to significantly shake up travel experiences in the near future.

Some of these innovations were recently showcased at the ACI Airport Exchange in Muscat by the global IT provider SITA, which has predicted that biometrics, AI, mixed reality and robotics will play a major role in meeting the evolving needs of business travellers in the years to come.

Biometrics, for example, may greatly ease the bureaucracy of travel by integrating with check-in kiosks, bag drop units, gates for secure access, boarding and automated border control points, giving travellers a much more seamless passage through airports and other similar facilities.

SITA has also demonstrated how the augmented-reality HoloLens device can be used to provide interactive visualisations of key data, including virtual models of aircraft movement, passenger movement and retail analytics. AI innovations, meanwhile, will make it easier for travel operators to provide self-service offerings, creating greater efficiencies across the entire supply chain.

As such, it is expected that emerging IT trends within the travel industry will become an increasingly core focus for those in charge of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and other transport-sector businesses, as well as the growing need to proactively manage cyber security in response to the changing status quo.

Hani El-Assaad, SITA president for the Middle East, India and Africa, said: "Innovation continues to reshape the air transport industry and will be key to managing the continued growth in passenger traffic across the Middle East.

"We at SITA are working together with the industry to deliver new technology that will help airport and airline operators become more efficient while making the passenger journey easier at every step."

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