eNett partnership with Invoice Bazaar to bring VANs to Middle East TMCs

eNett partnership with Invoice Bazaar to bring VANs to Middle East TMCs
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​eNett International has recently announced a partnership with Invoice Bazaar - a fintech supply chain finance platform - that will make payments faster, easier and safer for Middle East travel agents.

The partnership will do this by making eNett Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) more accessible, reports enett.com.

VANs are 16-digit card numbers that are used to pay for travel services, particularly in the corporate travel industry. The reason these account numbers have become the main form of payment solutions for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and others in this arena is because they are more secure than standard credit cards.

Not only this, but payments are much more accurate and easier to track because VANs allow payments from within the booking workflow, which will also result in lower-cost supplier payments.

Invoice Bazaar will be helping this eNett process by facilitating "cash flow as part of the offering to a select group of travel agents by optimising their payment process".

One of the first travel businesses to benefit from this service will be Connect World Travel & Tourism, a leading destination management company in UAE. Justin Jacob, managing director of the company, commented that he and the rest of the team were "pleased with the unique features offered on the eNett platform, including automated reconciliation".

He added that the technology, process and VANs are set to enable many more travel agents in the Middle East to automate supplier payments, which means that TMCs and others will have more time to focus on improving customer service.

Anand Nagaraj, founder and chief executive officer of Invoice Bazaar, also extolled the benefits of travel agents and TMCs in the Middle East using VANs by saying that it prevents them from having to use "archaic" methods of transferring funds and other processes.

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