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Travelport has recently reported a positive start to the year. Overall, the net revenue of the company is up by six per cent to US$609 million (£422 million) and the Travel Commerce Platform is up by seven per cent in total.

According to Travelport, these results are largely driven by air travel, which is in line with industry reports given by Travel Management Companies, who expect 2016 to be an extremely successful year.

Perhaps interestingly, eNett net revenue is up by 76 per cent to $33 million, which has been driven by the carryover of new customer implementations, as well as transaction growth with existing consumers.

The entire industry is being swept away by eNett Virtual Account Numbers (VAN) - the automatically generated 16-digit MasterCard number. Its purpose is to simplify payments between travel agencies and their suppliers, by giving them a unique number that is used for each new booking or payment transaction.

VAN numbers are the latest and most predominant platform within payment provision and they're a secure way to make and receive payments.

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