Virtual assistants to replace mobile booking apps

Virtual assistants to replace mobile booking apps
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In general, it's agreed that artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual assistants are going to help simplify complex corporate travel, but what isn't agreed upon is how soon or regularly occurring this is going to be.

The Business Travel Magazine asked several people who are prominent in the corporate travel arena how AI is going to transform the industry.

Among those asked, Kelvin Kroll, CIO of Flight Centre, said that he believes consumers are going to start suffering from what he calls "app fatigue" and will become consistently more keen to use text or voice interfaces to make or alter their travel plans.

Benjamin Park, director of procurement and travel at Parexel International agrees that chatbots in particular are going to be a major influence on this industry. Although they're not technically part of AI, they are the next step above a "traditional online tool".

Business Travel News reports that "predictive booking and frictionless travel experiences define a lot of the machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts" happening at many major corporations, including Travel Management Companies (TMCs).

Essentially, and in its most basic terms, AI is going to help create a real-time conversation between travel agents, TMCs and their clients - the corporate travellers - so why wouldn't AI be on the rise?

In its most basic terms, AI is going to help take the guesswork out of personalising corporate travel experiences, which is one of the surefire ways to make sure that trips are seamless and pain-free.

Not only this, but it will shorten the overall booking and payment process and with TMCs and travel managers free to spend more time dealing with real-time problems, it will allow them to automate more processes behind the scenes.

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