4 ways to ensure you are an effective TMC

Good travel management companies understand their clients
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Good travel management companies (TMCs) are indispensable to a business, but it pays to do an audit every so often to ensure you are giving your clients what they want and reminding them of your worth.

The good news is that most companies don't want to change their TMC once a contract is signed, as doing so involves a lot of paperwork and upheaval for everyone involved.

Stay in touch

Even for those clients that have been on board for years and whose itineraries rarely change, it is vital to ensure regular account management contact.

Corporate travel policies change, or they may need updating but have not been assessed for years, so it is your responsibility as a proactive TMC to ensure the right plan is in place for a particular business.

It is also vital to ensure you comply with a company's travel policy, and regular communication helps to ensure compliance is achieved.

Keep abreast of changes in the industry

It is important to be aware of trends and changes within the travel industry as your client may be able to benefit from them.

Having a regular quarterly review is a great opportunity to tell your clients about what you are doing differently and inform them of any developments in travel.

Technology changes fast and by being an early adopter of account management or travel management software, you can stay ahead of the curve.

ProCon Solution's ProTAS software allows you to automate all your mid-back office processes making you up to 30 per cent more efficient. That additional time can be used to give clients a better, more bespoke service they deserve.

Be transparent about your charges

It is vitally important to ensure you are offering a worthwhile service, and that means giving value for money. If clients believe they can get preferential rates elsewhere, they will move on.

You should benchmark your services against competitors on a regular basis to ensure your rates are preferential.

In addition, you need to be able to produce a list of money-saving techniques for your clients at each meeting. This may entail proposing less travel, asking employees to travel at off-peak times or using serviced apartments rather than hotels. Not all these ideas will be popular with clients, but you need to offer them as a solution whether they are taken up or not.

Companies looking to expand into new markets may need to look at changing their corporate travel policy and updating the airlines and destinations they fly to. Sending employees to emerging markets may have initial cost implications, but it could reap rewards for the business in the long-run.

​Also, you may be able to negotiate preferential rates with airlines and hotels if you know the company you work for will be doing business in the region in the future.

Ask for feedback regularly

Being an effective TMC is a two-way process and there is no way you can guarantee you are offering an effective service without feedback from your clients.

Transparency is vital in order for you to know how you can improve, and offering clients the opportunity to take part in regular customer satisfaction surveys also helps by showing them you care about their opinions and are willing to act on them.  

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