AR, VR and wearables are the main trends in corporate travel

AR, VR and wearables are the main trends in corporate travel
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A new report from Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) has highlighted augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) as the main trends to watch in the corporate travel industry.

Alongside these developments, wearable technologies are also looking like they are going to be among the main disruptors in this area.

The report took an analysis of 321 million social engagements and found that some of the biggest hotels, airlines and other companies in the travel sector have been testing VR experiences over the past six months. Interestingly, these virtual programs match VR devices with mobile devices, showing that these trends are streamlining to become more effective.

Travellers seem to be particularly keen on embracing these new trends and are happy to test out different wearables to see how they improve their trip.

According to the report, VR devices sales have increased eight times over in the past six months, showing again that consumers have an interest in taking advantage of the latest travel technology on the market.

The progress of these trends is largely trackable through social media mentions, as the Adobe report states that mentions of travel-related wearables has increased by 44 per cent from 2016 to this year.

Becky Tasker, senior managing analyst at ADI, says that a high level of consumer interest creates a great opportunity for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) because people are "keen on leveraging technology to make their travel experiences more seamless".

Having an audience that is technologically 'switched on' and has an interest in new innovations on the market also means that TMCs can experiment to see "what works and what doesn't for [their] brand and [their] customers".

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