Are TMCs doing enough to address the specific needs of female customers?

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Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are always trying to tailor their services to appeal to as many customers as possible - but many may be alienating a significant proportion of potential clients by failing to take enough steps to meet the needs of female travellers.

Industry publication Tnooz has shed light on the specific needs and expectations of women travellers by highlighting some of the gender-specific response trends uncovered by the latest Global Passenger Survey from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

It was shown, for example, that women tend to be more protective of their personal information. When asked whether they would share additional data on their destinations or purpose of travel when booking a flight to speed up processing at the airport, 72.4 per cent of men said yes, compared to only 66.8 per cent of women.

The percentage of women choosing biometric identification as their preferred traveling token was also lower (60.7 per cent vs 65.4 per cent), while female passengers were also shown to place less value on automation at the check-in process.

Key priorities for female travellers included addressing issues around excess carry-on luggage and receiving accurate and complete updates on the details of their travel itinerary, as women were shown to be generally more likely to want to plan ahead thoroughly and shop around for the best options.

Margaret Ady, head of marketing at hotel data analytics company SnapShot, told the publication: "There is a major opportunity for travel and hospitality companies to reach this market segment by creating tailored campaigns, communication and services specifically for women.

"Companies that are particularly strong in segmenting their marketing can create hyper-targeted campaigns by further breaking down the female travel segment (by family travel, business, mother-daughter vacations, single affluent, and so on)."

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