FCM International's global traveller insights

FCM International's global traveller insights
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FCM Travel Solutions has created and released an infographic that details recent traveller trends and statistics.

The international company unveiled its findings after sending out a global client survey. It also used data that was extracted using the business's multinational reporting tool FCM ClientBank Connect.

Felicity Burke, global director of account management at FCM, said that the document drawn up by the company has made for an interesting "snapshot" of travel this year.

She believes that through using it, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) will be able to better anticipate the needs of the different travellers and consumers who use their services.

Interests and needs of the commercial traveller are constantly changing and evolving, but with this report from FCM, TMCs should be able to offer a better service.

Ms Burke commented: "Keeping on top of who your travellers are and what they want is paramount not only for TMCs like FCM, but for procurement teams and decision makers who are ultimately sourcing solutions for these travellers."

She added that TMCs in 2016 are now serving a consultative role to work out what types of travellers exist within various sectors. As a result, travel solutions are becoming more bespoke than in previous years, in order to meet consumer needs.

The infographic produced by FCM, titled 'Unpacking Our Traveller', uncovered various statistics, including the fact that bleisure - business and leisure - now accounts for as much as 30 per cent of all bookings made with FCM. This is because people who travel with work tend to extend their journey with either pre or post-work extensions in order to better enjoy the places they are visiting.

It seems that FCM believes that a large amount of this is due to larger numbers of millennials - those aged between 18 and 35 - who see business travel as a way to explore other countries.

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