How is the "bleisure" trend influencing the business travel market?

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One of the most important considerations for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) is keeping abreast of behavioural changes among business travellers that affect the way they make use of travel services.

In the last few years, a prominent example of this has been the so-called "bleisure" trend, which sees people combining their business trips with a leisure component, and a new report from Expedia has indicated that this market evolution is gathering further momentum.

The study from Expedia Media Solutions and Luth Research has shown that 43 per cent of business trips in the US now fall under the bleisure category, with 70 per cent of business travelers adding extra days to their trips at least once every two or three months.

Whereas a pure business traveller's typical length of stay at a hotel lasts only around two nights, this rises to six among bleisure travellers, with the way in which these customers organise their trips also differing in a number of important ways.

Business travellers typically do not book until their dates have been fixed, with their research and booking processes tending to be much quicker than leisure travellers. Hotel location is the most important criteria when traveling for business, with the emphasis being on proximity to meetings and conferences; by contrast, 66 percent of bleisure trips are decided based on the destination itself, meaning large cities with strong tourist appeal are most likely to attract bleisure travellers.

Given that bleisure continues to gain popularity at the moment, Expedia's senior director of owner services Sue Spinney has recommended that more should be done to deliver tailored, customised packages and services that can appeal to both types of traveller and meet their specific needs.

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