Mismanaged travel programmes are leading to negative feeling towards corporate trips

Mismanaged travel programs are leading to negative feeling towards corporate trips
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People who travel for business regularly are becoming jaded by the idea of going on more corporate trips due to their travel programmes being mismanaged.

These badly-managed itineraries are leading to travellers feeling frustrated and tired and less likely to want to travel for work, according to a report undertaken by artificial intelligence-powered travel assistant app Mezi.

Entitled 'The changing landscape of business travel', the report by the AI app surveyed 500 frequent travellers to find out how travel policies are being managed, where the pain points are and what changes would improve trips.

Of those asked, 79 per cent felt that their company prefers to prioritise saving time and money over an employee's wellbeing and comfort. A further 56 per cent of the sample also believed that the business approach to travel didn't seem to fit in with their company's culture.

As we can see, this habit of trying to keep costs down can be traced back to companies who book trips on behalf of their workers, but is there anything Travel Management Companies (TMCs) can do to encourage policies that suit both employers and their employees?

Due to the fact that the corporate travel industry is becoming more and more focused on personalising people's trips, it's possible that having a good TMC in place could help alleviate this travel policy issue.

Now, more than ever, travellers are keen to make sure that they incorporate some leisure time into their business trips. The report by Mezi calls this growing trend Bleisure, which refers to enjoying a few personal days during a corporate journey to make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

However, 27 per cent of those Mezi spoke to said that they are unsure of what the policies are on enjoying leisure activities while they're away for work. Having a clearly defined programme from a TMC would help to outline where the parameters of business and leisure time are.

To efficiently solve the problems employees are having while travelling for work, the answer lies with keeping informed about the latest technologies available on the travel market.

New technologies are constantly being introduced to the corporate travel industry to improve booking and management experiences and improve the overall quality of trips. Companies have a responsibility to their employees to remain informed on these technologies to ensure beneficial trips for everyone.

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