Mobile is the mega corporate travel trend of 2017

Mobile is the mega corporate travel trend of 2017
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Although there are some who would say that the corporate travel industry isn't open to change there are trends forming and expanding this year that are going to force this traditional arena and those within it - like Travel Management Companies (TMCs) - to adapt and modernise.

But what are the main drivers going to be this year? According to Skift, they are localised between changes in corporate traveller behaviour and the rise of mobile technology, particularly with regards to booking channels.

These are factors that are "compelling TMCs to refine and retool their technology", and if there are companies that aren't currently thinking about this, they'll need to ingratiate it into their strategy, so they aren't left behind.

It seems now that the TMC approach is moving away from service-based models and looking towards technology based strategies. Major companies in the industry are leading the way in this trend and have taken their cues from tech giants in the consumer industry, which has proven that a focus on technology is what a modern audience wants.

This focus on technology is a way to improve communication with the corporate travelling audience and feed their dependence on mobile, but - from the point of view of TMCs - it's also a way to streamline and control the traveller's journey every step of the way. The main aim is for everything to be interoperable, which means that the person on their trip should have all aspects of their journey synced together because this is what they're looking for.

Rob Greyber, Egencia president, said: "In [corporate travel], it's totally fine for you to book something through an online booking tool at a top one or two TMC, and then have an agent be totally unaware of that booking. In what world is that totally fine?"

In this way, we can see that having interoperable mobile communications is useful not only for the client but for the TMC too, which is why mobile should be part of your corporate strategy this year.

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