New report highlights importance of personalised approach to business travel

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Travel Management Companies (TMCs) wishing to take maximum advantage of the available growth opportunities in 2018 should be looking at ways to personalise their services for business travellers in different sectors.

This trend has been highlighted by a new survey of more than 17,000 working professionals from 24 countries from for Business, which has indicated that people in different professions tend to have varying outlooks towards business and leisure travel, and the intersection between the two.

Overall, it was shown that 30 per cent of workers accepted their current jobs fully or in part because of the business travel opportunities they provided. This was most common among architects and designers, with 45 per cent expressing this idea, followed by management consultants at 38 per cent.

Moreover, 38 per cent said they would actively pursue a new role that offered greater scope for business travel, rising to 43 per cent for management consultants and 48 per cent for architects and designers. This was also shown to be particularly appealing to younger professionals, with 46 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds agreeing with this idea.

The survey also showed that 69 per cent of those polled try to extend their business trips to spend more time at their destinations, while 73 per cent look to make time for leisure activities during a trip.

When asked why, 70 per cent of employees say making time for leisure travel gave them greater job satisfaction, while 75 per cent said it helps them to manage work stress and pressure better.

Ripsy Bandourian, senior director of product development at for Business, said: "Having opportunities to travel for business is increasingly prized by working professionals, led by the millennial generation. And more than ever, business travellers want to maximise their time spent in a business destination for both work and leisure."

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