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Integrated systems can make travel management companies more efficient
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When you book travel for clients, it can be easy to view a company much as you would any other, but in order to be a successful travel management company (TMC), you need to treat people as individuals. 

Research shows personalisation works 

According to a 2014 study of some 400 business travellers conducted by technology solutions provider Amadeus, entitled 'Amadeus Business Travel Insights: Business travel gets personal', many mentioned the importance of personalisation. 

Of those questioned, nearly two-thirds said that being given the option of extra legroom, special dietary requests and additional luggage space were important. 

Managing director of Amadeus, Diane Bouzebiba, said: "travel managers and TMCs who aim to deliver a more personalised and connected travel experience will be rewarded with greater policy compliance and efficiency gains as a result".

Reviews are important 

As well as being treated as an individual, business travellers want to compare other peoples' experiences and see what they thought of a hotel before it is booked for them. 

This is all part of clients expecting their business trips to become more akin to what they expect when travelling for leisure. 

Amadeus suggests this is all part of a "wider trend to consumerisation and home-life preferences emerging in the work environment". 

When questioned for the company's 'Business Travel Insights: Hotels 360' report, more than one-third of respondents (38 per cent) said they would like to see reviews from other business travellers. They believed this would help them to make a more informed decision about their corporate bookings. 

Some 22 per cent said they would like to see reviews of hotels directly from their colleagues. 

Peter Waters, director of business and corporate solutions at Amadeus, said: "Reviews will become an interesting part of online corporate booking tools. They're part of the consumerisation of B2B technology." 

He did warn that reviews may not be seen as a "game changer", but rather part of an overall improvement in the corporate booking process. 

As a TMC looking to stand out, it may be worth considering checking reviews for hotels and picking out those that are most relevant to the client, then giving them the option to make an informed decision themselves. 

Transparency is also vital 

In order to make the client feel more in control of their travel choices, it is vital to be as transparent as possible. It is no good finding a cheaper room rate if it costs less because there is no Wi-Fi included and that is vital to your customer. 

Business travellers need to understand what they are getting for their rate, it's then up to them to decide whether they opt for cost over service or vice-versa. 

As an effective TMC, it is important you display so-called added-value information, such as distance from the airport, where it can easily be found by the client. 

Integration is also important 

The Guild of Travel Management Companies makes the point that companies want to integrate expense management tools at the start of the booking process and suggests TMCs will be integral to this process.  

Software like ProCon Solution's ProTAS system helps TMCs to deliver the seamless, efficient service that clients are looking for. All booking information is automatically inputted into the system, eradicating errors and making you up to a third more productive. 

By taking care of the administration, you can spend more time ensuring you understand your clients' exact wants and needs. 

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