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Managing risk is essential in any business, but it seems to have become a very important consideration for travel management companies in recent years, according to a new report.

The 2014 International Travel Management Study by AirPlus shows that risk management is now a key objective for corporate travel programmes globally, with the so-called three Ss featuring high on the priority list. These are safety, security and sustainability.

It notes that traveller safety has been a major concern for the business travel sector ever since the September 11th terror attacks, with 66 per cent of travel managers viewing it as an established trend within their business.

And there are efforts being made to improve safety, with innovations such as GPS-based location services now allowing corporate passengers to be tracked throughout their journeys.

Security, or more specifically data security, seems to be an emerging concern according to the study. Some 68 per cent of respondents named it as an established priority, while a further 20 per cent said they thought it would become relevant in the future.

AirPlus pointed out that protecting data about the movement of business travellers is essential, as there could be serious consequences if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

This is more of a concern today given the proliferation of mobile technology, as passengers are carrying this data with them everywhere they go on laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Then there is the issue of environmental sustainability, with many travel managers looking to reduce the impact of business travel on the planet as much as they can by helping their clients work more efficiently.

Replacing some travel with virtual meetings has become established practice for 43 per cent of travel management companies, while 30 per cent expect to be working towards this goal in the future.

Investing in an integrated mid-back office solution designed specifically for the travel industry can enable travel managers to keep on top of these industry trends and gain a competitive advantage.

The ProTAS solution from ProCon offers advanced CO2 reporting through special customer agreements or via a CO2 service company, addressing the issue of environmental sustainability.

It also offers comprehensive reporting solutions that allow travel managers to provide their clients with maximum visibility into the movement of their employees.

Furthermore, by automating manual processes, it also frees up valuable time that can be spent vetting airlines, evaluating the security of accommodations and providing emergency support and assistance to ensure that travellers are as safe as possible during their work trips.

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