Social media could be changing what TMCs offer their clients

Social media could be changing what TMCs offer their clients
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Thanks to personalisation, the corporate travel industry has been able to service the needs of its clients better than ever over recent years.

However, this doesn't mean that it no longer presents a problem in this area - in fact, customer service and retaining a high-quality level of contact with clients is something that businesses, including Travel Management Companies (TMCs), are constantly trying to improve. reports that customer service is a "particularly acute" issue in the travel sector, as there is generally more emotion and expectation in this industry than in others. This is potentially due to the fact that travel can be stressful, particularly for corporate reasons, as people are usually trying to adhere to strict deadlines and can be very stressed.

For these reasons, corporate travellers look to their travel managers and TMCs for support and to be able to enjoy a seamless and hopefully problem-free journey. This is why customer service and being in contact with clients is so important.

Similarly, clients are actively seeking to be able to contact TMCs and travel managers about their trip, especially if something is delayed or there is a problem. It seems that this need to establish a stronger connection and a requirement to fulfil the customer's want for contact has given way to the emergence of social care.

This essentially consists of social networks used by brands that facilitate real-time and constant conversation between companies and corporate travellers.

It's a natural progression for the corporate travel industry to integrate with social networks, as these platforms are always on and are easier to negotiate than automated phone services.

However, it is important for TMCs and travel managers to remember that these social media interactions need to be cultivated properly by ensuring that queries and problems are responded to efficiently and with a sense of urgency that mirrors the traveller's needs.

The aim with these platforms is to transform customer service into customer care, which - if done properly - could have a huge positive impact on a TMC's overall business.

Delayed response in a digital world is not acceptable and TMCs that take advantage of integrating into this social care model are sure to see the benefits.

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