The safety of traveller information in the IoT lies with TMCs

The safety of traveller information in the IoT lies with TMCs
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It hasn't escaped the notice of the corporate travel industry that many airlines and others are now banning travellers from carrying large electronic devices on board planes, instead requiring passengers to leave them in the cargo hold.

Business travellers in particular have struggled with this reform, which has been put in place by both US and UK rulings, because of their necessity to remain 'plugged in' to their mobile devices when they're travelling for work.

In fact, Buying Business Travel Magazine has stated that corporate travellers have referred to the bans as "ludicrous", which would suggest that those taking journeys for business are seeing the rulings as a burden, rather than something to ensure their safety during trips.

However, are passenger devices and their personal data/information really safer when they're kept in the hold or in the hands of customs or airline staff? John Kelly, secretary of Homeland Security, said earlier this year that he and his team would continue to search through travellers' phones when they're at US airports.

WikiLeaks has also revealed that CIA technology has been used to hack into smart TVs etc to gain personal information about travellers.

Darren Hodder, director of Fraud Consulting, says that travellers need to be more aware in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), where their information is being increasingly shared over online or cloud formats, which opens them up to data security risks.

Mr Hodder adds that business travellers need to rely on Travel Management Companies (TMCs) for up to date information on the implications that the IoT and bans on carrying their devices on planes will have on their data security.

TMCs and organisations like IATA and the GTMC are currently reacting quickly to the changes being put in place by US and UK governments, but they cannot predict regulations - only advise on changes that have been definitely passed.

For the moment, the best that TMCs can advise on is for travellers and businesses to be aware of the devices that are connected to the hotels they stay at and to make sure their devices are backed up centrally for extra security.

It's certainly going to be a tough task for TMCs to continue providing assistance to travellers, but it's also their responsibility to make sure clients are receiving a safe and streamlined service throughout their entire journey.

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