TMCs struggle to keep up with the introduction of smartphone apps

TMCs struggle to keep up with the introduction of smartphone apps
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​Business travellers often use go-to apps that make their lives easier when they're travelling. Some of these include their most frequently used airlines, guides to different towns and cities and their itinerary organisers.

As a result, mobile engagement is a big opportunity for Travel Management Companies (TMCs). According to the SKIFT newsletter, when a TMC develops an app it simplifies communication between the client and the TMC, giving the consumer more freedom and allowing the TMC to keep track of their clients. They are able to get a better understanding of what their clients are doing, the places they are going to and how they are using the app.

Despite the fact that many TMCs have adopted this idea and indeed have their own company apps, they now face the challenge of ensuring they meet the client's expectations of a sophisticated tool. 

The fact is that consumers need quick and adaptable formats, and the responsibility for delivering this lies with TMCs.

Recent surveys show that there is a general feeling that TMCs are being too slow to introduce new consumer technologies.

One of the biggest projects based around app personalisation within the industry is the New Distribution Capability (NDC), which has been created through the leadership of the International Air Transport Association.

This NDC now offers TMC customers a booking app with the feel and ease of Amazon's shopping format.

Trials with this new app are taking place, however, progress has been quite slow, as personalisation is very laborious and time consuming.

At ProCon, we will be tracking the introduction of these platforms and will be updating news on their progress and functionality.

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