What constitutes the full trip package for a business traveller?

What constitutes the full trip package for a business traveller?
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Modern business travellers have all the information they need at just about any time they want it. Thanks to modern technology and gadgets like smartphones, corporate journeymakers can access their itinerary or make changes to trips at a moment's notice.

But it's the people behind the scenes, such as Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and travel managers, who are actually making trips seamless.

However, actually getting this to happen can present quite a difficult set of tasks for TMCs and others in order for them to give travellers an optimised travel experience, reports Tnooz.com.

Thomas Helldorff, vice-president of Airline and Travel at Worldpay, believes that there are three main areas that TMCs need to consider when it comes to giving travellers the best experience possible: the right user experience (UX), correct processing of payments and providing the add-ons that travellers are looking for.

UX actually feeds into ensuring that the payment process of a travel management program is problem-free. It's one of the most important parts of a corporate traveller's experience, particularly as there can be many issues with data protection during this process.

It's important that TMCs make it clear what type of payment methods they support, so travellers can be assured that their payment will not only be accepted but, more importantly, that it will be secure.

Fraud is a recurring problem with payments in the corporate travel industry and it can be difficult to accurately find the balance between making a client's UX personalised, as well as completely safe.

Meanwhile, travel add-ons refer to additional services that a TMC or other company might offer a traveller. These include organising car rental or any other amenities that are required for different areas of a business trip.

Although it may not initially seem like it, these aspects help to make a corporate traveller's trip seamless.

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